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Get your ISO 9000 / ISO 9001 certification with ISO Sure

ISO 9000 is the family of standards for quality management systems. Its purpose is facilitating and enabling consistency of services and products. By doing this, one can be sure that customer requirements are met. ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) is responsible for maintaining ISO 9000:2008. ISO 9000 is administered by certification and accreditation bodies.

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The following sections are included in ISO 9000:2008, the requirement standard.
  • Resource Management
  • Measurement Analysis and Improvement
  • Management Responsibility
  • Quality Management System
  • Product Realisation

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Are you aware about the ISO9001:2000 standard changes?

Click here for the full list of changes to ISO9001:2000 (now known as ISO9001:2008)


What will it cost to implement ISO 9000?

Complete the ISO 9000:2008 online quotation form and specify your quality management needs. Upon completion, we will supply you with a cost estimate.

Benefits of ISO 9000

 The benefits of ISO 9000 include;

  •  Improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Competitive advantage and increased marketing and sales opportunities.
  • Cost reductions.
  • Improved consistency of product and service performance.
  • Improved communications, morale and job satisfaction.
  • Higher customer satisfaction levels.
  • Improved customer perception.

What can ISO 9000 mean for me and my company?

The following steps need to be taken in order to use ISO 9000:

  • Define what you do;
  • Document what you do;
  • Do what you say you do;
  • Do this effectively;
  • Demonstrate the above through registration.

We can help you to become ISO 9001:2008 certified. Call us to find out about the process.

How long does it take to implement ISO 9000?

Implementing a quality management system from start to finish usually takes a minimum of six months. However, it should be noted that the size of an organization plays a role in the time consumed to implement such a system. Thus, the larger the organisation, and the more complex the process, the longer it will take. 14 months seems to be the average time the process takes from start to finish. It can take up to double that time if organisations attempt doing it without the assistance of experts.

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